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The Procluso software

The Procluso software makes it possible to interactively a treatment target for each dental arch. The result can be printed out to help shaping the orthodontic wires required.

How does it works

In the first place Procluso actually calculates the inter-canine distance for each arcade as well as the inter-molar distance and also the dental dysharmony corresponding to the shape of a symmetrical ideal arcade of the same dimensions as those of the initial arcade. In the second place Procluso offers tools which enable you to let the size and shape of the arcades interactively vary so as to test various treatment options.

Online help file in english will be soon available

How to digitalize images for the dental arches.

1- Directly scan the casts turned over the glass plate of a conventional scanner.

2- Take a photograph of dental casts with a digital camera. Both arches must appear on the same image. It is highly recommended that you use a steady camera stand or a bench of acquisition to make sure that the camera and the models are strictly parallel.