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The Procuste cephalometry

The Procuste software performs a visual and quick cephalometric analysis (in less than 3 minutes) based upon procrustes superimposition.

A free cephalometric software

The Procrustes cephalometric analysis carries out a diagnosis by scrutinizing the differences between the case and an optimum (Sassouni 1955) Each optimum is personalized according to typology, stage of growth and ethnic appartenance of each case.

Only eighteen cephalometric landmarks are used in the Procrustes cephalometry. If you digitize three more landmarks, the software can also compute classical values from Tweed, Ricketts and Steiner analysis.

For Windows XP, Vista or 7

Procuste is a DOTNET application that works on Windows (Vista and XP), Mac and Linux. All .NET application are virus safe.

A multiligual application

Procuste detect automatically your computer language. Default language is English but menus and messages are in French on French computers.